At DZ BANK, a diverse group of experts of all  backgrounds, cultures, experiences and  perspectives work together to provide solutions  for our clients.

We are DZ BANK

Solution provider for cooperative banks, corporate and institutional customers

DZ BANK is the second largest bank in Germany. And there are good reasons for working with us.

Our roles as central institution in the Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken Cooperative Financial Network (with about 700 cooperative banks in Germany, which hold the majority of DZ BANK’s shares) and as a holding company for the entities in the DZ BANK Group gives us a strong and stable standing. As a commercial bank, DZ BANK also serves companies and institutions with our own network of branches and representative offices around the world.

Our deep roots in the cooperative group allow us to face future challenges locally and globally with enduring values. We don't just strive to be among the world's best-rated financial institutions; we make our clients' ambitions our own and bring our attitude to the table:

We think and act in a partnership-oriented, consistent, innovative, courageous, cosmopolitan, capable, safe, and sustainable manner. This attitude guides us as a bank and, especially in these challenging times, is what makes our success.


DZ BANK assumes the holding function within the DZ BANK Group. The companies in the DZ BANK Group include Bausparkasse Schwäbisch Hall, DZ HYP, DZ PRIVATBANK, R+V Versicherung, TeamBank, Union Investment Group, VR Smart Finanz and various other specialist institutions. With its comprehensive range of financial services, the DZ BANK Group supports the cooperative banks in retail banking, corporate banking, capital markets and transaction banking.

The members of the DZ BANK Group with their respective logos and  work marks: DZ Hyp, DZ BANK, VR Smart Finanz, DZ Privatbank,  Schwäbisch Hall, TeamBank, Union Investment, R+V Versicherungen.

Facts & Figures DZ BANK Group

* as of December 31, 2023

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Shaping your success collaboratively and pro-actively.

DZ BANK provides a comprehensive range of financial services for its customers, including access to international financial markets. Our network spans our headquarters in Frankfurt am Main and our four branches in London, New York City, Hong Kong and Singapore as well as numerous subsidiaries and representative offices around the world. In addition, our services are supplemented by equity partnerships, cooperation agreements with partner banks and a network of correspondent banks which spans the globe.

Souâd Benkredda, Member of the Board, responsible for Capital Markets

Understanding our clients and addressing their needs is crucial to create a meaningful impact and set ourselves apart from competitors. Leveraging our global network and product capabilities to offer optimal solutions to our clients worldwide is our forte. We strive to attain a comprehensive understanding of the situation, opportunities, as well as the unique characteristics of local markets, and we don't rest until we achieve this depth of knowledge.

Souâd Benkredda, Member of the Board, responsible for Capital Markets

Corporate insights

Who makes our bank the institution it is? What are our core beliefs? And how can you shape DZ BANK as a corporate entity?

Being innovative and showing initiative, being transparent and pro-active, welcoming different opinions, experiences and talents: This is how DZ BANK stays at the forefront of modern banking. Take a look behind the curtains of DZ BANK.

Responsible management and corporate responsibility are key directives for DZ BANK, represented in this photo by three managers,  wearing hard hats, discussing an issue at a construction site.

Corporate Responsibility

Responsible management is a value that is deeply rooted in our cooperative corporate identity. It guides our actions in the various areas of sustainable banking - from products, to strategy and risk management to communication. And it shapes our actions as a banking institution as well as an employer.

Three colleagues discussing an issue, for example an investor request

Investor Relations

DZ BANK also welcomes interested investors. All relevant information are available here, such as
• DZ BANK and DZ BANK Group news,
• Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s and Fitch ratings,
• reports and presentations.

A group of colleagues, comfortably located in a sunny foyer, discussing  a topic or preparing for a workshop

Careers at DZ BANK

DZ BANK is a bank with many functions - and an employer with diverse tasks for trainees, university graduates, and experienced professionals. Here you can learn and contribute what you have learned, proceed courageously and take everyone with you, grow yourself and let everyone else grow.

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  • Co-Chief Executive Officers of the DZ BANK Group,  Uwe Fröhlich and Dr. Cornelius Riese

    Corporate Management

    The Board of Managing Directors and the Supervisory Board are important corporate management bodies. In addition, you can find information on our compliance regulations here.

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Our history

The history of DZ BANK goes back to the cooperative idea of Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen: “What one cannot do alone, many can do together”.

Since the cooperative movement in the mid-1800s and the establishment of the banking institution in 1883, what was to become today’s DZ BANK experienced an eventful development, shaped by the woes of history. Come with us on a unique journey through time.

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