Strategie & Management

Strategy & management

Sustainability at DZ BANK AG and across the DZ BANK Group: How do we cooperate, and what are the hallmarks of ‘responsible’ corporate governance?

Sustainability management is the responsibility of the Strategy & Group Development division. This division is also responsible for stakeholder communication and sustainability reporting. Sustainability ratings are managed by Investor Relations. The individual specialist divisions of DZ BANK are responsible for implementing various measures with regard to the further development of sustainability, and regularly report their progress to the Board of Managing Directors.

To step up the dialog on sustainability in the DZ BANK Group, we brought together the group’s sustainability activities and founded the Group Corporate Responsibility Committee (CRC) in 2014. The committee is made up of the sustainability coordinators of the DZ BANK Group. The Group CRC provides input for the departments so that common standards can be developed. Our objective is to exploit market opportunities and avoid risk while enhancing corporate citizenship.