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Electronic Banking

With our exclusive electronic banking solutions, companies can transfer payments easily, securely and directly and keep a clear overview of account movements at all times. Independent of business hours, whenever you want. We provide products that are entirely geared to your needs and daily requirements.

Exploiting new potential in payment transactions

Our electronic banking software products are user-friendly and functional solutions for domestic, European and global payment transactions. They unleash optimisation potential by, for example, precisely scheduling and managing transfers and bringing due dates into your focus at all times. A multitude of functions opens up the whole world of electronic liquidity management to you - a modular structure enables a service package individually tailored to your company.

Your safety plus

For optimal data security, our electronic banking products are equipped with various technologies that increase your internal and external security to a maximum. For example, you can rely on:

  •  Current security procedures
  • Secured access classes
  • Individual authorisation structures and
  • Data encryption options

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We are of course at your disposal for detailed product questions. Please feel free to send us an e-mail at vertrieb.kunden@dzbank.de.   

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