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More efficiency for your billing processes

Paper was yesterday - this is how you benefit from electronic invoice processes

Switching to electronic invoice processes offers companies process optimisation, cost reduction as well as auditing and legal security in invoice creation and processing all in one. We offer modular solutions that fit perfectly into your processes.

Electronic complete solution for invoice processing

So-called e-invoicing, the electronic processing of invoices, is becoming increasingly relevant. With our E-Billing solutions, we offer you an efficient combination of technology and service for sending, receiving, creating and processing electronic invoices - also in combination with paper-based solutions.

Your advantages

  • Rapid realisation of savings potentials of 60% - 80% across the entire invoicing process
  • Secure and legally compliant processing of electronic invoices
  • Simplified workflows
  • Reduced paper and postage costs, also in terms of sustainability
  • Minimisation of sources of error

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We are of course at your disposal for detailed product questions. Please feel free to send us an e-mail at vertrieb.kunden@dzbank.de.

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