Health management and safety at work
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Seeing the bigger picture:

Health management at DZ BANK

Employees’ well-being and their ability to perform are closely correlated. Our employee health program covers a broad range of aspects and includes services such as mental health support for difficult phases of life, prevention courses, and attractive company sports activities. The bank supports 49 company sports groups with funds and the necessary infrastructure. Our DZ BANK Runners are a great example.

DZ BANK Runners
Leading duo: Julia Maria Gehring and Christian Schüller are two leaders of the DZ BANK Runners

The ‘DZ BANK Runners’ company sports group

Together with a group of six colleagues, Julia Maria Gehring and Christian Schüller manage and coordinate the DZ BANK Runners company sports group, which has 120 active members. “We have runners of all levels,” says Gehring, who coordinates communication within the group. From power walkers to triathletes, the group members reflect a broad range of interests and ambitions. “This is why we do not meet up to go running all together on fixed dates.” But within the bigger group, members can find like-minded running buddies. “For example, there is one group of people who regularly go for a lunchtime run together,” says Schüller. The sports group also organizes training sessions for the biggest corporate sports event of the year – the J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge. “The Chase run is always a very special event, not least because it is an opportunity to meet colleagues with whom you have little or no contact in the course of your normal work,” explains Gehring. Schüller, who is – amongst other things – in charge of the running wear for the DZ BANK Runners, enters the race as the team captain every year. But his to-do list ahead of the race doesn’t end there. “I coordinate the whole process with the bank’s events team and sort out things like starting numbers for our runners.”

The events calendar of the DZ BANK Runners also includes a number of other competitions such as the Messelauf and the SkyRun, a race up the stairs of Frankfurt’s iconic MesseTurm skyscraper. And once a year, the Runners organize an event just for their group. “We usually plan a run somewhere nearby and then a social get-together for the whole group,” says Gehring. But even if you are more of a lone warrior on the track, there are advantages to being part of the group. “If you sign up for a race as a DZ BANK Runner, you can get the entry fee partially refunded from our budget,” explains Schüller. He prefers to run on his own and over the course of a week, he runs around 60 kilometers. “Running for me is an opportunity to let my mind wander. That’s when I have the best ideas.” Gehring also trains a lot – every other day to be precise. But she enjoys a bit of company. “Running is a very versatile activity. You can do it during your lunch break or in the evening, in the city or in the countryside. In all its forms, running for me is a way of re-energizing.” Schüller firmly believes that running also has a positive effect on social skills, even though it is primarily an individual sport. “As an athlete, you follow an unwritten code of conduct that demands discipline and respect, but also instills a healthy fighting spirit. These qualities are equally valuable in the world of work.”