Social security and quality of life
Employee values

Investing in high quality of life:

Benefits for our employees

We take responsibility for the social security of our employees. Get an overview of the payments, allowances, insurance benefits, and extra services that we provide to our staff.

Performance-based remuneration

Our employees benefit from a variety of advantages that go beyond salary. With our compensation structure, we provide incentives for each individual employee to implement the strategic goals of DZ BANK and their respective area individually. Our standard entry-level salaries are based on the respective national customs in the different business locations. Women and men are paid equally for equal tasks, qualifications, and experience.

DZ BANK offers its employees numerous social benefits. The spectrum ranges from travel expense allowances to the 49-euro ticket, group accident insurance, and various further education support programs.
All company benefits are granted to full-time and part-time employees.

The most important component of voluntary employer benefits remains occupational pension provision. DZ BANK pays a basic amount and doubles it if employees contribute their share. In addition, another voluntary building block for pension provision is offered. With Deferred Compensation, employees have the option to contribute tax-privileged parts of their variable remuneration component or parts thereof for additional security.

For young professionals, DZ BANK offers special services to support them in the best possible way and encourage their growth. In addition to bonus payments for good final achievements, there are grants for learning materials or administrative costs as well as guaranteed employment and permanent employment contracts.

Support for employees

In view of flexible working hours and mobile working, DZ BANK offers its employees numerous options. With flexitime or part-time models, working hours can be independently designed and ideally combined with private life. To improve the compatibility of work and family, DZ BANK supports parents in finding a suitable nursery and kindergarten place and pays a childcare allowance. A solution is also provided for unforeseen care bottlenecks: Fathers and mothers can have their children looked after by a cooperating service provider at short notice for up to ten days a year. In addition, there is the option to use a parent-child office at five locations.

DZ BANK also offers support to employees with caregiving responsibilities. Within the framework of a corporate partnership, consulting and support services can be used as well as the opportunity to participate in a competence training. In addition, the bank organizes annual lectures on topics such as precautionary power of attorney, living wills, and guardianship law.

To prioritize the well-being and health of its employees, DZ BANK provides a diverse range of company sports opportunities and preventive courses. These offerings include activities like spinal gymnastics, meditation, and autogenic training. Prevention courses for stress management are intended to help cope with psychological stresses. Furthermore, the bank offers its employees professional support from two independent social counselors in difficult professional and private situations. In addition to their presence times, they give topic-related lectures at our nationwide locations.

DZ BANK regularly conducts employee surveys in the form of a “PulseCheck” to measure employee commitment and satisfaction using standardized questions. The “Organizational Commitment Index” (OCI) was 79 last year (2021: 80). In addition to assessing corporate culture, topics such as sustainability or diversity within the bank’s environment are also regularly addressed in surveys.

Overview of employee benefits offered by DZ BANK:

  • Occupational pension 
  • provisionInhouse sports activities
  • 49-euro ticket and Deutsche Bahn travel card
  • Inhouse cafeteria or meal vouchers
  • Travel allowance
  • Subsidy for privately arranged CPD
  • Group accident insurance
  • Long-service awards
  • Subsidy for childcare costs
  • Contingency benefits
  • Special leave
  • Vacation pay