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The DZ Research Blog offers a broad and in-depth analysis spectrum. Experts from DZ BANK Research make contributions and share their views. DZ BANK Research is one of the largest units of its kind in Germany and other German-speaking countries with 85 analysts and economists. In the DZ Research Blog they analyse current data on economic trends, evaluate the latest developments on the capital markets and comment on the impact of political events on the economy. You too can benefit from this added value of expertise.

Research is not a one-man show, but rather a team effort. While the various needs of our clients are challenging, they also make our work exciting. We cultivate proximity to clients so that we can provide them with what they need.

Dr. Jan Holthusen, Head of Research and Economics Division

Ideas - Innovations - Inspirations

How do the analysts at DZ BANK Research work?

How, when and where they have the best ideas, develop innovative methods and inspiring studies?

We asked.

Shaping success together

We research and analyze.

We question and discuss.

We comment and present.

We listen and record.

Research - a look behind the scenes

Who is the person behind the analysis?

What drives her or him?

How do our analysts and economists experience their working day?

We take a look behind the scenes.

Regulatory Disclosures and Conflicts of Interest

Sample studies

Sample studies

If you are an institutional / professional client interested in a topic and issue-related subscription to research publications, you can get a first impression of our product offering here. Should you have further interest, you can take out a personal trial subscription for a maximum of three months. In return, you would receive access to our Research Centre. This offer is not intended or suitable for retail clients.

Sample studies


Research and Economics

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