In the right download box you can download updates for the VR-NetWorld Software. We shall inform you if we are unable to publish updates on this page due to legal licensing issues. In this case, please contact your local credit cooperative.

VR-NetWorld Software 4.40 test version

You can download the test version of the VR-NetWorld Software here so that you can test the software. It differs from the full version in that it does not have the online update function or MT940 import. The test version can be used for 60 days. The data from the test version can be kept by installing the full version over the test version. You can obtain the full version from your local credit cooperative.

VR-NetWorld Software Version 4.41
(at least Version 4.0 required)

You will find detailed information on the changes in the README- file that is displayed during the online update.

Download of the update: See right download box

VR-NetWorld Software Version 3.34
(at least Version 3.0 required)

Content of the update:

  • Modifications for the new online update
    Some details of the new online update have been modified.
  • Optimisation of user interface for changing profile.
    The labelling and sequence of some buttons have been changed in order to optimise the user interface for changing profile.
  • List of bank sorting codes as of 09.03.2009

Download of the update: see right download box.

VR-NetWorld Software Version 2.05
(required: full version 2.0 or higher are already installed)

Content of the update:
A technical online update for the VR-NetWorld Software has been available since 28.09.2005. This update includes the following modifications:

  • New list of bank sorting codes as at September 2005.
  • New checksum algorithm for September 2005.
  • Modified gateways / dialogue files.
  • New certificate for Bank-Verlag Köln.
  • Import of static data from Profi cash 8

Download Version 2.05:
Size: 8,883 KB
Date: 28.09.2005