DZ BANK’s Transaction Banking – bundled expertise in all segments

DZ BANK’s “Transaction Banking” business segment pools all payments, cards, securities processing and development-loan-administration services. We provide our customers with access to innovative settlement systems and offer flexible solutions that we are constantly updating and optimising. As one of Germany’s biggest private financial services organisations DZ BANK’s express goal is to continuously optimise and expand its range of transaction banking services and products.

We cover the entire range of transaction banking processes – from the high-volume retail business up to and including our “internal manufactory“ for specialised production.

For over a decade DZ BANK has played a pioneering role in Europe in the development of industrialised transaction banking, setting standards for the modern and efficient handling of bank products with cross-border and interdepartmental joint ventures such as Equens or dwpbank.

On the one hand, our broad range of services and products within the Transaction Banking business segment stands out for its decentralised bundling, professional processes, a high level of quality and efficiency and, on the other hand, for its creative and customer-focused innovations.