Trust and safety for good business
Documentary collections are based on mutual trust between both business partners. They are useful even though you have no fundamental doubts about the reliability of your contract partner abroad, but nevertheless need a certain level of certainty for your business.

International business without unnecessary risks
Documentary collection creates trust and at the same time reduces the risks on both sides. As an importer you avoid an advance payment and thus keep your liquidity as long as possible. As an exporter you can be certain that the necessary export documents are only handed over to your customer when the goods have been paid for or a draft has been accepted.

Optional plus points

  • Flexible product features for good business: As an alternative to immediate payment (d/p – documents against payment) the importer may be granted a payment period (d/a – documents against acceptance). In this case, the documents are handed over after the importer has accepted a draft drawn on him.
  • Bridging liquidity squeezes: In the import and export business a liquidity requirement arises in many cases following the import of goods or between production and receipt of payment. We shall be pleased to act as your financial partner here, too.