• ABCP programme for corporate finance

    Attractive alternative to classic credits provided by receivables-based financing (trade, loan and leasing receivables) for large and medium-sized corporate customers with the ABCP programme “CORAL”.

  • ABS issues and “Verbundverbriefung” (securitisation by the cooperative financial network)

    Structuring and placement of ABS solutions for refinancing purposes and balance sheet management for institutionals with a focus on Europe.

  • ABS Trading

    Many years of experience in trading in European ABS bonds and deep expertise in the packaging of various assets all pooled at a single trading desk.

  • Credit portfolio advisory service and the cooperative financial network's circulation models

    “VR Circle” – an established DZ BANK platform for hedging business credit risks in the cooperative financial network.

Many years of experience in the execution of needs-oriented securitisation transactions (Asset Backed Securities) for customers and the cooperative financial network.



  • Experienced securitisation team with its own ABS book in the structuring, execution and placement of more than 100 transactions throughout the bank in the years 1999 to 2012.
  • Throughout the bank around EUR 17bn of securitised claims since 1999.
  • ABS innovator in leasing and mortgage securitisations.


Strategic orientation and focal points


  • Focus on customer transactions: tailor-made financing products for banks, financial services companies, SMEs and large enterprises.
  • Securitisation of assets of the DZ BANK Group (e.g. DZ BANK, VR LEASING, DG HYP) for active management of the loan portfolio and equity capital.
  • Risk transfer and the cooperative financial network’s circulation models for the local cooperative banks.
  • Transaction types: synthetic transactions / true-sale transactions / transactions with one or several sellers of receivables / receivables-based financing using so-called ABCP programmes / packaging / circulation models.
  • Refinancing possibility with or without recourse to the capital market.