Consulting services for banks

1.) Own-account investing activities

  • Support for banks with “Strategic Management of Own-Account Investing Activities”
  • P&L management, present value management and supervisory requirements
  • Extensive market and product expertise

2.) Interest-book management 

  • Quantification of the interest-rate risk
  • Measurement and management of interest-rate risks
  • Benchmarking with other banks
  • Simulation of different scenarios

3.) Asset allocation

  • Analysis of all relevant asset components at the level of the bank as a whole
  • Consideration of the bank as portfolio
  • Determination of a return- and risk-optimised portfolio structure

4.) Other services

  • Support for banks with respect to the implementation of MaRisk and Basel III requirements
  • Product and risk descriptions, online analysis tools
  • Publications: Advisory Flash
  • Support with the product launch process
  • Support for banks in implementing treasury concepts

Services for insurers

  • Publications: Advisory Flash
  • Support with supervisory questions, e.g. Solvency II
  • Support with questions relating to accounting regulations, e.g. HGB, IFRS
  • Tailor-made products and individual documentation (term sheets)
  • Actuarial know-how