SMEs in the limelight

Medium-sized companies in focus: Autumn 2017

The German SMEs are in fabulous shape: this is demonstrated by the results of the youngest "Mittelstand im Mittelpunkt" (Medium-sized companies in focus) study published by DZ BANK and by the National Association of German Cooperative Banks (BVR).

  • Business climate climbs at all-time high
  • Business expectations decline
  • Planned investments higher than ever
  • Europe stays the region of the highest interest for SMEs
  • Shortage of skilled workers and company succession cause problems
  • Balance sheets' quality stays high
Business situation and business expectations (net response)
Business situation (orange) and expectations for the development (blue).

German SME companies present themselves from their brightest side: The business situation is reachign for an all-time high. Even if business expectations are declining after having reached a three-years-high in spring, SMEs stay optimistic: investments in goods and staff are planned by many.

Overview of results

About the SME Report

Twice per year DZ BANK and the National Association of German Cooperative Banks (BVR) publish the report on the overall situation of small- and medium-sized enterprises in Germany. Therefore an indipendend research insititute holds about 1.500 interviews by telephone with a questionnaire designed by DZ BANK. Partners for interviwes are owners, directors and managers of SMEs.

The report's purpose is to to help managers in SMEs to judge about the own company's situation and possible aims.

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Previous reports

Since 1995, the SME Report "Mittelstand im Mittelpunkt" (Medium-sized companies in focus) is published by DZ BANK to furnish up-to-date data on the overall situation of SME companies in Germany.

Would you kindly note that the reports are available in German only.

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