Europe grows together

By establishing a Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA), the European markets grow closer together in payment transactions as well. One euro payment per bank transfer, direct debit or card payment in the SEPA area is simple, efficient and secure – to the advantage of businesses and consumers. Uniform Europe-wide standards and payment instruments shorten transaction processing times, create more transparency and minimise risks. Your company can also benefit from the increase in efficiency and the resulting savings potential associated with SEPA.

Card and cheque payments

There is no change for the time being for debit and credit card acceptance. Guaranteed POS payments carried out using a PIN or the electronic direct debit procedure (ELV) can both still be used. There is a transitional period for these payments until 31 January 2016. Cheque payments can also continue to be made as usual and are not affected by changes within the framework of the introduction of SEPA.

Your advantages

  • You benefit from a single payments area in Europe with a harmonised legal framework for national as well as for cross-border transactions in euros.
  • Standard payment formats for SEPA payment instruments (bank transfers and direct debits) create more transparency and new possibilities. Cross-border direct debit transactions are now also possible with SEPA.
  • Cashless payment transactions such as bank transfers and direct debits in euros are just as easy, fast and cost-efficient in the entire SEPA area as they are nationally.