Electronic Banking Internet Communication Standard

The Electronic Banking Internet Communication Standard (EBICS) is a data transmission protocol that was developed by the German Banking Industry Committee as a norm for user-to-bank communication. EBICS lets corporate customers conduct their electronic banking transactions flexibly, securely and effectively over the Internet. It allows users to transmit large volumes of data (e.g. payment files) directly to their banks and retrieve account statements automatically according to the configured settings.

An agreement within the German banking industry means that most of the country’s banks now implement and offer EBICS, and use the same technical specifications. Since the electronic data formats for payment orders and account information have also been standardised, customers only need a single multi-banking software product to manage all their EBICS-enabled accounts.
DZ BANK AG offers the multi-banking software product GENO cash.

EBICS security recommendations for corporate customers

Please observe the German Banking Industry Committee’s security recommendations for corporate customers when using EBICS (see download EBICS Security Recommendations below).

Requirements for data transmission

The applicable data transmission requirements must be observed when using EBICS (see download Conditions & Special Conditions below).

EBICS Application Form

A link to the EBICS Application Form can be found below under Downloads.
Please send all completed EBICS forms by regular mail to the following address:
DZ BANK AG: D/PAYM, Ludwig-Erhard-Allee 20, 40227 Düsseldorf, Germany.

Should you have any questions regarding this form, please do not hesitate to contact our Electronic Banking Hotline.


DZ BANK (Sector West)

EBICS access parameters

Public keys

  • Encryption (E001):
    74 0C AF A6 AF F5 A6 C9 BF 57
    39 F3 4B E2 33 EE E3 A0 FA 3F

  • Authentication (X001):
    AB 97 A5 51 C1 2A 0A 77 CA 40
    0F 4A CE D2 D6 BD 48 E1 2D 8C

  • Encryption (E002):
    CC 1F 7C F1 1A 4D C7 2A
    76 33 FC 54 6A 5A A5 91
    E7 D4 A5 D5 C2 7F 46 8C
    27 B6 EE A6 00 1B CF 1A

  • Authentication (X002):
    73 40 76 DE ED A5 2E 6D
    41 5A 4F E9 39 B0 AB 1E
    84 16 B6 34 EB 5C 82 42
    5B 19 04 75 CD A7 C6 3B

EBICS access parameters

Public keys

  • Encryption (E001):
    43 C9 E0 6F F9 6C 46 C2 2E 2C
    BC B0 E4 AD 2B C1 92 30 5E 9B

  • Authentication (X001):
    89 DF B0 D2 81 52 F6 45 21 76
    E8 69 4B F4 96 FA 73 45 3D F6

  • Encryption (E002):
    C0 10 1D E1 3D A3 22 C9
    52 A1 42 37 D8 C5 7C EB
    98 5D DA DF 78 1D E0 BC
    C6 1D 53 57 B7 8B 3C A9

  • Authentication (X002):
    0C 7A FD 8E 27 00 80 0A
    47 27 E8 13 4C 4C 6E 56
    09 91 A5 4F D8 45 C9 5F
    05 80 76 81 59 61 44 C3

EBICS test system

Our EBICS test system is available for testing at: EBICS test system