Account management
Using our exclusive electronic banking solutions companies can transfer payments simply, securely and directly and keep an eye on account movements at all times. We provide products that are fully tailored to your needs and to your daily requirements.

Make use of new potential in payments
Our electronic banking software products are user-friendly and offer functional solutions for domestic, European and global payments. They release optimisation potential in that, for example, they execute and manage remittances precisely and draw your attention to due payment dates. A large number of functions opens up the entire world of electronic liquidity management – a modular structure allows a package to be put together that is tailored individually to your company’s requirements.

Your security bonus
For optimum data security our electronic banking products feature different techniques that enhance your internal and external security to a maximum. For example, you can rely on:

  • Up-to-date security procedures.
  • Secure access classes.
  • Individual authorisation structures.
  • Data encryption options.