Paper belongs to yesterday
The conversion to electronic invoicing systems offers companies process optimisation and cost reductions as well as audit and legal security with respect to billing and bill processing in an all-in-one solution. We offer you modular solutions that fit perfectly into your billing processes.

Complete electronic bill-processing solution
So-called e-invoicing, i.e. electronic bill processing, is becoming increasingly important. With VR-RechnungsService we offer you an efficient combination of technology and services for the dispatch, reception, production and processing of electronic invoices – including in combination with paper-based solutions. Choose between pre-paid packages and monthly, transaction-based tariffs.

Your advantages

  • You can quickly reap savings potential of up to 50 per cent compared to paper-based invoice processing.
  • Secure processing of electronic invoices in compliance with statutory requirements.
  • Simplified work flows.
  • Reduced paper and mailing costs, including in the interests of sustainability.
  • Minimised sources of error.

You also benefit from the cost-effective Electronic Archive incorporated in VR-RechnungsService. This meets the HGB’s requirement to keep invoice documentation for ten years. VR-RechnungsService also has standard interfaces to the link to our e-banking software as well as to DATEV.

How VR-RechnungsService works
VR-RechnungsService is a web-based platform for transferring, converting, signing and forwarding invoice data. A combination of electronic and paper-based bill processing is also possible. The incoming and outgoing invoices can be transferred to our Electronic Archive and made available to you from there in file form.

Optional services
Thanks to the optional additional features that you can select, VR-RechnungsService can be integrated even more efficiently in your company’s internal work flows. Below we list a selection of optional services:

  • Scan service: a scan service for those receiving invoices in paper form but wishing to process them electronically.
  • GENO cash: cash-management software for companies.
  • Electronic archive
  • Letter shop: printing, enveloping and mailing of paper-based invoices.
  • Data communications: installation of standardised data connections.
  • Link to DATEV: forward a copy of your electronic invoice directly to your tax consultants.
  • Integration in your enterprise resource planning interface: a technical link-up for companies that have already introduced a largely automated process or which work with an individual EPR system.