The guarantee for good business
Unlike a bank guarantee, which is mainly used in the domestic business, the bank letter of credit has proven to be the recognised instrument in the international business. With a bank letter of credit from DZ BANK, as an importer you can provide your international partner with compelling proof of your solvency and as an exporter you can provide proof of your ability to deliver and your credit standing.

For every risk the suitable guarantee
The large number of different import and export transactions and the associated risks requires a broad range of different ways of covering the risk. Your account manager will be pleased to advise you on the different types of guarantee and their features.

Optional plus points

  • Good preparation: in order to ensure things go as smoothly as possible we provide you with a sample guarantee tailored to your contract.
  • Individual features: we’ll be pleased to advise you on country-specific conditions in the guarantee business and help you get the best guarantee terms.