In world trade professional transaction settlement is of great importance for all involved. Smooth organisation facilitates work flows and minimises risks. A letter of credit creates trust through mutual security and thus a sound basis for good business.

Good business is based on mutuality

Be it as an importer or an exporter, a letter of credit will provide you with a globally recognised and reliable basis for your international business. As an importer you can provide your supplier with impressive proof of your solvency and as an exporter you can be sure you will be paid.

Optional plus points

  • We take over your residual risk: By taking over your risk (export letter of credit confirmation) DZ BANK offers you an additional hedge against country-specific risks at the issuing bank.
  • Use the international know-how of DZ BANK and its partners: Benefit from individual advice on how to hedge any exchange rate or transport risks.
  • Flexible product features for good business: We shall be pleased to advise you regarding the many and varied individual features of a documentary letter of credit such as, for example, the agreement of special payment periods