The cash challenge
Cash remains the most important means of payment in Germany and Europe. This is reflected in the fact that around 60 per cent of all retail sales are paid for in cash. Especially retail companies require cash-handling solutions including the collection and safe-keeping of notes and coins.
The Deutsche Bundesbank’s partial withdrawal from cash recycling and its focus on a wholesaler function is permanently changing the existing cash-handling system.

Product idea
We have developed a solution for cash transactions that allows you to keep the range of services to which you are accustomed and to retain the flexibility provided by our Cash Service while also providing you with additional improvements to the service.

Your advantages:

  • No risk – we assume liability for the entire valuables logistics process as of invoice payment (also representation risk).
  • Logistics advantage – only one contact person.
  • No transport risk to and from the bank.
  • Order notes and coins at short notice.
  • Customised solutions.

When using our modern cash deposit safes:

  • Optimisation of liquidity thanks to fast booking.
  • Booking and transport are independent of each other.
  • Reduction of pick-up frequency and administrative work.

Classic cash supply and disposal
Our cash supply and disposal solutions ensure a smooth, reliable and efficient service. The notes and coins are delivered to your branch. Your cash takings are picked up in safe bags and credited to your account. We naturally assume liability from the time your account is debited until the notes and coins are delivered at your branch and from invoice payment in the branch until the cash is credited to your customer account with us.

Supply of coins
Continue to order your usual amounts of coins.
The changes in the Deutsche Bundesbank’s range of services affect the provision of coins especially greatly as coins are now only delivered or collected in standard containers. Assuming every denomination is used such a standard unit consists of EUR 314,000 in eight containers together weighing around five tonnes.
We ensure that you will be able to continue to order coins and pay coins into your account in the usual amounts.

Cash deposit machine service
We bring the bank to you. Our intelligent cash deposit machine service facilitates cash handling and also increases security and convenience. You can secure your money, count it and have it booked to your account with a minimum of work. Here you can see how our intelligent cash deposit machine service works.