DZ BANK’s Transaction Banking – bundled expertise in all segments

For a bank's profit and loss account, Transaction Banking is much more than just a steady contributor to income in commission business. For this reason, it is also a strategic core business segment at DZ BANK AG.

The business segment "Transaction Banking" at DZ BANK includes all products, service offerings and special services in the fields of payment transactions, cards as well as securities and capital market services and bundles them into three divisions Transaction Management, Payment & Accounts and Operations.

For our customers, the local cooperative banks, corporate clients and other financial institutions and banks, we offer tried and trusted services, all under one roof. As one of Germany's largest private financial service organisations, DZ BANK has played a leading role in Germany and in Europe in the development of Transaction Banking for over a decade.

With qualified staff, modern platforms and effective processes, we constantly strive to optimise and expand our service offering in Transaction Banking.

Overview of our Services

Monetary transactions

Cash supply