Information on how to use Netviewer

  • Please call your contact in the Trading Department if you experience any problems.
  • Click on the Interactive Support link and then on Start Application.
    In the dialog box that then appears enter the advisor number issued to you by DZ BANK.
  • A new dialog box appears displaying the message:
    Your screen is about to be transferred. Do you wish to allow this?
    Clicking on Select brings up a list of the applications that are currently running on your computer. Here you can select those applications that you do not wish your contact at DZ BANK to see.
    Clicking on ‘Yes’ opens a session in which both parties are looking at the screen and can thus communicate interactively.
    If you have more than one screen, the desired screen can be made accessible by sliding the Netviewer dialog box.
  • By clicking on ‘Show/watch’ you can set whether your contact can see your screen or you can see his. You can also allocate write-access to your computer so that we can show you how to operate the application.