Ideal for large capital-intensive projects

Project financing represents an ideal financing instrument for major projects that are capital-intensive. Financing is provided for self-contained, economically and legally-isolated investment projects where the debt service payments are made from the future cash flow of the project. As a rule, the borrower is a project company set up especially for the realisation of the project. The assets to be financed essentially serve as collateral for the loans, with liability for the loans either excluded completely (non-recourse financing) or limited (limited-recourse financing).

We finance projects in particular in the following sectors:

  • Utilities (renewable energy, power stations, electricity networks, water supply/waste water disposal, etc.)
  • Traffic infrastructure (roads, tunnels, bridges, local transport systems)
  • Public Private Partnerships (PPP)
  • Manufacturing industry (e.g. in steel production, automobile production and cellulose production segments) as well as near-commodity projects (petrochemicals, oil and gas production and transmission etc.)

We are present with specialists in Frankfurt, London, New York and Hong Kong. With over 170 financing commitments in the past 12 years our product expertise is clearly proven.

We offer the following services:

In Advisory, we advise project initiators and project companies, providing assistance with conception, structuring and implementation of complex project financing. All effort is made to ensure that the interests of our customer are well represented in relation to the other parties involved in the project. We provide comprehensive services from the drawing up of computer-supported financing models to accompanying contractual negotiations.


Within the scope of Arranging, we take on the arrangement of large-volume syndicated loans for project financing independently or together with other banks. Together with our syndication teams in London und New York, we provide tailor-made solutions when putting together international financing syndicates.

Underwriting & Participation
Alongside Arranging, we underwrite or take up loan participations within the scope of structured, syndicated project financing arranged by others. By underwriting larger loan amounts, we support the placement of large-volume syndicated loans on international credit markets. In addition, DZ BANK manages long-term project financing within the scope of loan participation.