DZ BANK buys your credit-insured export receivables and looks after refinancing.

Do you grant your customers deferred payment terms?

Refinance these deferred payments with DZ BANK.

If your deferred payment terms are covered by supplier credit insurance from the Federal government of Germany or by capital goods insurance from a reputed private credit insurance company, then DZ BANK AG can buy the secured receivables without recourse.

In the case of supplier credit cover from the Federal government with a 5 % retention for example you receive a discounted payment of at least 95% of your receivables depending on
the structure of the transaction. After receipt of payment on maturity you receive the remaining 5 % of the receivable.


Chart of an Account Receivable forfeiting

Chart of an Account Receivable forfeiting - Overview

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Your advantages:

  • Immediate liquidity
  • Balance sheet relief equal to the purchased receivable (your auditors should be consulted)
  • Your operating credit lines are spared
  • Lean Settlement
  • Lower costs compared to drawing down a credit line

Euler Hermes Bund (ECA) or the big private credit insurers (PRI) secure your export risks for you. DZ BANK AG refinances your deferred payments in that it buys up the receivable without recourse.

The costs for such a transaction consist of the insurance premium (ancillary financing expenses) and the interest for discounting the receivable. You can take these costs into account in your
pricing and thus invoice your customer abroad e.g. in the form of buyer interest or by including it in the contract value. We will be glad to support you here, too, with the contract value calculation.

The minimum amount receivable for a purchase of your export receivables with federal or private insurance cover should not be less than EUR 1,000,000.00 (depending on financing terms small amounts are also possible in exceptional cases).

Please feel free to contact us on this.