Optimum for medium- to long-term financing for plant and machinery
DZ BANK extends the credit either directly to the buyer or through his house bank. As exporter you receive the proceeds for your shipments directly under a buyer credit and can dispose over these proceeds freely. Shipments to high-risk countries are basically covered by international credit insurance. For Germany Euler Hermes AG is located in Hamburg. As shareholder bank of AKA we are able to offer you fixed-rate loans (CIRR credits) at favourable conditions.

Your advantages:

  • Immediate payment
    After each shipment you receive the export proceeds from DZ BANK.
  • Comfortable settlement
    The loan negotiations are conducted directly between DZ BANK and the borrower.
  • Risk minimisation
    There is no political or economic risk for you. Your balance sheet does not suffer under long-term liabilities. No credit lines are needed to refinance the deferred payment terms you have granted.
  • Good competitive position
    Improvement of your position in the contract negotiations as you are able to grant your customer deferred payment terms. Attractive financing terms for your customer as the financing costs are comparatively small due to the state export credit insurance.

The minimum order amount for a buyer credit under an existing master agreement is EUR 2 million. Buyer credits to borrowers without an existing master agreement should have an order value of at least EUR 10 million.