Promotional loans play an important role in financing the industrial economy, agriculture, environmental protection and infrastructure projects.

In order to be able to use these loans successfully you need good advice selecting the appropriate promotional programs.

The advantages of promotional loans

  • You benefit from lower interest rates and redemption-free start-up years.
  • You can strengthen your equity base using mezzanine products.
  • You can make up for any lack of collateral cover with indemnity bonds.
  • In some cases you can obtain subsidies that do not have to be paid back.

Benefit from our expertise
Thanks to GENO-STAR, the cooperative financial network’s expert system that provides an advisory service on public sector aid, we can tailor the varied promotional loan offering to your requirements. This expert system is a comprehensive information system  that is always up to date and which will help you obtain and make use of promotional  funds.
Jointly with the local cooperative banks we advise you on the use of promotional funds from the central government, the federal states as well as local authorities and offer you structured holistic solutions for the project you need to finance.

As an affiliate member of the Enterprise Europe Network we also keep you posted on financing offers from the EU and opportunities to obtain promotional loans abroad.

Turn our knowledge and our experience to your company’s benefit!