DZ BANK's Structured Finance Asset Securitization (SFA) offers structured investments and accounts receivables financing for a wide variety of clients and asset types.

SFA offers structured asset and accounts receivable financing for a wide variety of clients and asset types. SFA targets market niches and exceptional asset classes often overlooked by larger financial institutions; it uses its ability to dedicate resources to "one-off" transactions or to companies that need a reliable source of accounts receivables financing. Utilizing securitization techniques, SFA enables non-rated companies to enter the capital markets and become eligible for financing based on the quality of a company's receivable portfolio. Clients are typically below investment grade or non-rated originators of receivables with relatively predictable cash flows (based upon their operating history)who need for debt financing to promote long-term growth. When contemplating the structure of a transaction, emphasis is placed on the client's portfolio performance history (i.e. delinquencies, defaults, underwriting criteria, etc.), its ability to underwrite and service a portfolio of receivables and the reputation and experience of its senior management. SFA's main competitive advantage is its ability to provide "one-stop" shopping for clients, engineering unique financing programs that satisfy a company's capital needs through various forms of execution, including:

  • asset-backed commercial paper programs funded through DZ BANK's multi-seller commercial paper conduit, Autobahn Funding Company, LLC; and

  • term note securitizations, placed through DZ BANK's broker dealer, DZ Financial Markets.

Insurance premium finance Prime/sub-prime auto loans
Equipment leasing Lottery receivables
Structured settlements Timeshare receivables
Mortgage loans Senior life settlements
Pre-settlement plaintiff advances Credit cards
Trade receivables Small business loans
Franchise loans Home improvement loans
Dental practice loans Cash and ATM receivables
Law firm loans Unsecured consumer loans
Railcar leases Seller financed mortgage notes
Insurance agency acquisition loans Small business acquisition loans
Tax liens Taxi medallion loans

DZ BANK's clients benefit from SFA's in-depth knowledge of asset-based lending and capital markets. Additionally, SFA provides extensive post-closing relationship management in order to accommodate a client's often dynamic business environment. In contrast to most other financial institutions, all aspects of the transaction and customer relationship are managed by one team.

SFA is committed to differentiating itself from other asset-backed finance groups by providing innovative, non-traditional, value-added transactions to its clients. The group's past successes are largely attributable to its fundamental understanding of credit and rating agency methodology in addition to the expertise in consumer and commercial financing that its members possess.