More freedom in your business decisions, solid funding of growth and entry into new markets. There are many reasons to strengthen your company’s equity base with a direct equity investment from a partner with financial muscle.

VR Equitypartner invests in healthy companies with a positive cash flow and also invests in minority interests. An equity investment by VR Equitypartner allows a company to restructure the liabilities side of its balance sheet and adapt it to better meet the requirements of its growth targets.

A reliable partner with financial muscle.
VR Equitypartner differs from other providers in that it is able to offer and combine several financing facilities. Its products include minority as well as majority holdings with a volume of up to EUR 1.5 to 15 million. Higher volumes are possible by way of syndication. As a provider of equity VR Equitypartner is backed by DZ BANK AG and WGZ BANK AG. Due to the concentration on a single provider of equity, investment periods of between three and seven years and longer are possible. The exit scenario is already clearly defined at the time of the initial equity investment.

Direct equity investment in a few key words:

  • Minority interests of between EUR 1.5 million and EUR 15 million, possible syndication with other financial investors in agreement with co-partners and the management.
  • Majority holdings for example in the event of successor arrangements for family-owned companies.
  • Targeted investment period of between five and seven years, individual periods – also longer than seven years – and repayment agreements are possible.
  • Agreement on the exit is part of the equity investment agreement.

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