There are many reasons to raise equity: to fund investment in growth or an acquisition, to improve credit ratings due to the higher equity ratio, to increase independence from lenders, and many more. The road through the capital market plays a central role here.

We work together with you to examine the feasibility of a capital increase and support you with its goal-oriented structuring and implementation.

Our sustainable advisory service is geared here to your long-term needs. We advise and support you with the design and implementation of the relevant measures in all phases of your company’s going public, beginning before and with the IPO. Going public is a strategically important instrument that can ensure your company’s future viability, secure enterprise succession and allow growth by further strengthening your equity base with subsequent capital increases.

After your IPO we continue to support you in subsequent share re-allocations and capital increases as well as other capital-market oriented tasks with the full commitment and entire expertise of an  issuing house with many years of experience and the placement muscle of the cooperative financial network for private and institutional investors in Germany and abroad.

Our range of services and products include:

  • Cash-capital increase with subscription right.
  • 10% cash-capital increase ex subscription right.
  • Up-to cash-capital increase.
  • Non-cash capital increase.
  • Share placement and re-allocation.
  • Initial public offerings (IPO).

Selected transactions: