Equity works miracles
VR-MezzanineKompakt is the road to the required equity when no direct equity investment is desired or possible and the capital requirement is between EUR 500,000 and EUR 1.5 million.

There may be many and varied reasons for funding with VR-MezzanineKompakt. Equity allows:

  • New growth and business opportunities,
  • Strategic re-alignments or
  • Entry into new sales markets,

Adequate equity is often also crucial for good successor arrangements. Very often shareholder changes need to be made, but where should the capital come from to pay off the old shareholders? And sometimes the balance-sheet structure simply needs a shot of vitamins to get healthy.
In very many cases mezzanine capital is the perfect solution with regard to equity requirements: namely when all prerequisites are fulfilled it can be carried as equity on the balance street – with the automatically positive effect for the balance-sheet structure – but without being subject to a shareholder’s special voting and controlling rights.

Terms and Conditions
VR Equitypartner GmbH offers “VR-MezzanineKompakt”, the perfect mezzanine capital solution for medium-sized companies.

  • Silent participation:

Economic Equity according to HGB (details should be clarified with your accountants or tax consultant.

  • Provider of mezzanine capital:

VR Equitypartner GmbH

  • Finance volume:

As of EUR 500,000 to EUR 1.5 million.

  • Term:

Unlimited term with mutual right of termination at the earliest after seven years.

  • Repayment:

At final maturity termination date, at the earliest after seven years; no unscheduled repayment.

  • Remuneration:

Current rating-dependent remuneration (the interest rate is fixed depending on current conditions in the capital markets and the company’s credit standing) and a one-off commission equivalent to 4.0 per cent of the structuring fee.

  • Collateral:

No collateral need be provided.

  • Disclosure duties:

During the term the usual disclosures and reporting information are to be passed on to VR Equitypartner.

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