Do you wish to sell your trade receivables by a true sale without contractual obligation and without having to meet any eligible criteria? Are you looking for a new and flexible way to invest cash?

Every company aims to deploy capital and operating resources efficiently. Receivables trading is a liquidity and risk-management tool as well as a capital investment instrument. Our cooperation partner TrustBills connects seller and buyer of trade account receivables. TrustBills makes it
possible to sell and buy trade receivables fast, safely and simply.  

What's new about TrustBills?

Trading of trade receivables in a  completely new way.

  • Each participant can buy and sell.
  • There is no contractual obligation and no obligation to act.
  • Fees only for the one-time initial registration and for each utilization.
  • Transparent, quick and uncomplicated sales process. Fair market price through auction mechanism.
  • Seller determines who can see the receivable and place a bid.
  • Seller chooses which receivables are to be offered for auction.
  • As an investor you benefit from an interesting investment alternative with a short tenor.
  • Institutional investors as well as asset managers are participants of the auction platform.

Information about the use of TrustBills

Who can use TrustBills?

TrustBills can be used by all companies and public sector corporations as well as by legally independent groups of persons listed in the commercial register. They must have been commercially active for at least 3 years.

How does TrustBills work?

A registered TrustBills user can simply upload its invoice onto the TrustBills platform and start the auction process. The seller determines what other players in the digital marketplace can see and bid for the receivable offered. Moreover, the auction could be on a silent or open assignment basis.

The investor submits a bid based on his individual investment strategy, expected return, risk and maturities. An additional analysis option is to consider the payment behaviour of the individual supplier-buyer relationship, which is documented on the TrustBills platform.

Upon completion of the auction, the receivable seller automatically receives the purchase price net of any taxes.

What receivables can be sold through TrustBills?

You want to sell trade receivables?

The receivable has to meet the following criteria:

  • It is a trade receivable against a corporate entity (B2B).
  • It has a remaining term of minimum 11 days.
  • It is denominated in Euros.  

How to become a TrustBills user?

We would like to introduce you to the registration process. Benefit from our advice…

You can start the registration process on the auction platform TrustBills ( We will provide detailed information on TrustBills and the process in a joint meeting.

To use TrustBills corporate customers need an account with a TrustBills member bank, including DZ BANK and participating Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken. Following a customer identification process by the member bank, you will be authorized to trade receivables on the platform.

TrustBills - an alternative to receivable financing?

You wish to sell trade receivables flexibly and without any contractual requirements?

The auction platform offers a wide range of advantages, which may surprise you:

  • The seller of receivables determines which receivables are to be offered for auction, he chooses the auction period (1, 3 or 7 calendar days), the start date and the minimum price per individual receivable. Furthermore, the seller determines who can bid for the receivable.
  • Collection expenses as well as credit and payment risks can be minimized.
  • No credit insurance is needed.
  • Access to a wide investor/ buyer base.

Investment in trade receivables for everyone?

TrustBills offers you a new investment form. We are your professional partner and will provide you with details…

TrustBills provides new, attractive and short-term investment opportunities. So far, trade receivables are seen as a heterogeneous asset class.

Thanks to its filter functions and other tools, the auction platform enables the user to choose specific receivables or to create an individual receivables portfolio and to manage it automatically.

How safe is TrustBills?

TrustBills attaches great importance to the prevention of fraud.

All participants in the market place are authenticated by a customer identification procedure carried out by their member bank. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are used to check the trade invoices that are uploaded for an auction. This makes it possible to track cases of fraud and identify those responsible for them.

Who is our cooperation partner TrustBills? 

TrustBills GmbH („TrustBills“) was founded in 2015 and has its registered office in Hamburg.

Through its web-based platform, TrustBills aims at developing the international auctioning of receivables. The platform is provided by its subsidiary TrustBills Marketplace GmbH.

DZ BANK has since 2016 owned 25% of TrustBills. In March 2017, Deutsche Bank acquired a holding of 12.5 %.  It is planned that further carefully selected financial institutions will invest in TrustBills to support the global auctioning of receivables.

* TrustBills is a word and figurative trademark of TrustBills GmbH.