Corporate Finance / Mergers & Acquisitions

The DZ BANK Corporate Finance Team is specialised on Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) in the predominantly owner-managed German Mittelstand. We advise clients on the following matters:

• Sell-side

• Company succession planning through M&A

• Buy-side / company acquisition

• Merger / joint venture

• Spin-off / Carve-out

• Management Buy-Out, Management Buy-In (MBO / MBI)

• Fairness opinion / company valuation

In this context, we support our clients throughout the entire transaction process until the contract has been successfully signed.

Sale / divestment

Sell side mandates – M&A national / international

There are many reasons why a business or parts of a business are sold. It can be due to strategic, financial or personal reasons, including the need for succession planning in order to keep the business going. Accordingly, the goals can be manifold, too.

The earlier the issue of a successor is addressed, the better the chances are of attaining the company's goals. We help you to gain the best possible results. The outcome of a successful transaction generally depends on the fact that the entire process has been implemented professionally. Our activities during the preparatory stage include developing the implementation strategy and defining the spectrum of national and international investors.

These may be, for example:

  • Industry-related businesses or companies from a completely different field where the business segments are considered to be complementary (strategic investors)
  • Financial investors, private equity
  • Family offices, private investors
  • Internal or external management (MBO, MBI)


Following a detailed analysis and an initial valuation of your company, our expert team prepares a structured company profile. Depending on which objectives are to be pursued, potential investors are then approached either from the domestic market or abroad. After offers have been received, we then move on to the next stage and enter into more detailed examination of data and due diligence with a selection of prospective buyers. Our expert team oversees all stages of the selling activities until the final contract has been signed and sealed. In more than 160 transactions, we successfully advocated the interests of our clients.

Succession planning

Succession planning / sale

The reason why a business is most often sold in the predominantly owner-managed Mittelstand is in order to secure a successor for the company. Under the umbrella of DZ BANK we offer our clients – depending on the transaction size – two advisory services for succession planning through sale:

As the DZ BANK M&A-division, we especially support clients with a national and international orientation. Most of our clients have businesses worth between 10 million and 200 million euro.

For transactions with an expected sales value between 1 million and 10 million, the DZ Bank provides a separate offer, which is especially set up for its clients from the cooperative financial network FinanzGruppe Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken. Together with our local M&A partners we give advice on company succession planning, which are mainly focused on the region in which they are active. Findout more


Company purchase / acquisition

The purchase of a business or a specific part of a company can expand the scope of the business in the long term and increase the value of a company. In this respect, various strategic aspects and objectives can be of importance.

We are on hand to assist you in defining and implementing your acquisition goals and will oversee the entire transaction until its successful completion. We undertake various activities on your behalf such as:

  • Identifying possible takeover goals
  • Approaching prospective companies
  • Examining and assessing prospective companies
  • Overseeing the negotiations of the contract
  • Drafting a financing strategy and structure
  • Approaching finance partners


As one of the leading M&A advisors for the predominantly owner-managed Mittelstand, we have already overseen a significant number of successful business purchases. Reap the benefits of our extensive expertise in specific sectors of industry and our contacts with many national and international companies. This is a result of our personal network including the cooperative financial network and our international partners, which has continually grown over many years.

Company valuation

Company valuation

There is no objective price that amounts the company value – nevertheless shareholders can adjust to a certain price corridor referring the company value in advance.

As a first step before receiving a mandate to sell your business we carry out an initial indicative valuation of your company. This is based on best practice valuation techniques (discounted cash flow, dividend discount and multiples). Besides determining how much your company is worth, we also assist, where required, in developing and drafting a business plan.

When we are requested to screen for possible acquisition targets, we also undertake a company valuation after having identified an appropriate company or a prospective list of companies. It is our goal to determine a fair company value and purchase price, and to furnish you with best possible background details to prepare you for the negotiation stage. In this context, the methods used to value a company include discounted cash flow and dividend models in addition to the standard multiples methodology.

Detailed company valuation / Fairness opinion
Where requested, we also prepare detailed company valuation, as well as fairness opinions, taking the aforementioned methods into account. This does not depend on having been mandated to sell a company on a client's behalf.

Your added value

As our client, you will benefit from professional and sound advice from our highly qualified team. With offices in Duesseldorf, Frankfurt and Hamburg our M&A advisors possess many years of national and international transaction experience.

Our actions are strictly geared towards your interests and goals. You can reap the benefits of the financial strength of our group as well as making the most of the entire know-how of a strong national and international network. In this way, we offer our clients access to companies and investors, which match their specific objectives.

What distinguishes us from our competitors and how you can benefit:

  • Long-standing corporate finance expertise
  • Strict focus on the “Mittelstand”
  • Specialism in key industries
  • Strong financial network with an excellent rating
  • National and international network
  • Cooperative system of values