Most small and medium-sized companies in Germany no longer focus exclusively on their domestic business, but are already operating in the markets of other industrialised nations and in the most important emerging markets. Nor is an increased presence abroad any longer the preserve of the larger medium-sized enterprises; smaller companies are now also increasingly taking a step abroad.

In order to support these cross-border activities among medium-sized companies, we provide our corporate customers with a comprehensive range of products and services.

We can help you reduce your risks, ensure the smooth settlement of your foreign trade transactions and sketch out strategic solutions for you. Our international branches, Representative Offices and strategic cooperation with cooperative partner banks around the world open the door to foreign markets for you and support you on the spot with country-specific know-how.

Our team of experts in the “Advisory and Sales International Operations” (BVA) department is highly experienced in doing business abroad and offers timely and skilled support in this area. This allows us to provide you with a holistic offering of tailor-made products and services for the various facets of foreign trade in the banking business.

  • Opening an account abroad.
  • Settlement of payments and documentary business.
  • Trade finance.
  • Currency, interest rate and raw materials hedging.
  • Country analyses.
  • Making local contacts.