Benefit from our experts

We place our expert team “Agriculture-Nature-Energy” (ANE) at your disposal with its experienced advisors in the increasingly important business segments “Agriculture” and “Renewables.”

Our many-years of experience in these business segments and the complementary products and services provided by VR Leasing and R+V Versicherung allow us to offer optimum solutions for projects in areas such as agriculture, wind power, solar energy, biogas/biomass, geothermal power and hydropower.

We offer a comprehensive advisory service and

  • Long-term finance incorporating the relevant development funds and public financial aid as well as preliminary and interim financing and working capital loans.
  • Variable forms of financing incorporating interest rate and currency hedges.
  • Hedging of raw materials prices.

You can find our concrete details on the of financing we offer here:
Alternative forms of financing Agriculture-Nature-Energy (ANE)