Some things it’s worth knowing about DZ BANK Research

1. …that every day we reach around 900 local cooperative banks with our analyses?

2. …that we release around 10,000 publications a year?

3. …that DZ BANK Research is one of the biggest analyst houses in Germany with around 80 analysts?

4. …that we cover 25 economies, 19 currencies, 150 bond issuers, around 300 stocks and 12 commodities?

5. …that the Economics Department publishes one publication of its own, namely the “DZ BANK Euro Indicator”?

6. …that our economists analyse the most important international markets for residential properties as well as the German market for commercial real estate?

7. …that our Equity Research’s list of recommended stocks “Global Stock Ideas” has successfully provided our strongest buy recommendations for several years?

8. …that we offer a very successful sample portfolio (Asset Allocation) with concrete recommendations?

9. …that we have our own team for the analysis of sustainable investments?