We are partners

As part of the cooperative financial network with around 1,230 local cooperative banks and as one of Germany’s biggest private financial services organisations the DZ BANK Group is positioned today as an expert provider of a comprehensive range of financial products and services. In cooperation with the cooperative sector’s specialised service providers, the local cooperative banks look after around thirty million customers nation-wide.

DZ BANK AG – central institution, corporate bank and holding company.
First of all, we are a central institution for the local cooperative banks. In our function as a corporate bank for SMEs and large companies as well as for institutional investors we offer the complete portfolio of an internationally-oriented financial institution. As a financial services and products holding we coordinate the activities of the DZ BANK Group and its cooperative sector’s specialised service providers in order to reap synergies and bring tailor-made products to market. Companies belonging to the DZ BANK Group include Bausparkasse Schwäbisch Hall, the Union Investment Group, R+V Versicherung, VR LEASING and TeamBank with “easyCredit.”

The group’s strengths
We at DZ BANK AG also benefit from the strengths of the DZ BANK Group. Its excellent market position, its expertise as a “bank for banks,” the advantages of a completely integrated organisation structure and one of the best ratings in the German banking sector give us the support we need for our business.

Art partner
As a long-standing “art partner” we shall cooperate in future with the Städel Art Museum in Frankfurt. On the occasion of our 125th jubilee we shall be donating over 210 high-quality works from our comprehensive collection of contemporary photography to the art museum on the river Main.


Achieving more together
It is more relevant than ever: the cooperative idea. For around 150 years now it has been making a contribution to promoting the economic interests of the members of cooperatives – and today it serves as a basis for our cooperative financial network’s future-oriented strategies. Its history is described in detail here. Its future lies in our hands. Tomorrow, too, we shall continue to pursue our goals on the basis of fundamental cooperative principles and we shall achieve them through our combined strengths.

Strengthened into the future
The concept has proven its mettle and it has all necessary prerequisites to master all future challenges, too: regionally organised companies with decentralised solutions-know-how make innovative contributions here to dealing with social and economic change. That which has held us together for more than a century also provides sound bearings with which to meet the challenges of the twenty-first century.

The world is on the move
The trend-researchers agree: today’s classic family is different. Single households dominate the property market. Health-awareness is increasing. But above all our society is undergoing a far-reaching shift in attitudes due to demographical change and global ways of thinking. An ever greater number of people recognises the increasing possibilities for comparing prices and products – including across frontiers.
All these developments are having a crucial influence on the banking and financial markets. For us this means acting fast and offering convincing and innovative products.

Bank as a partner for life
An important aspect is the increasing relevance of private old age pension provision and the advisory services associated with it. In the future, banks need to see themselves as a supportive partner if they are to retain customer loyalty over the long term. Providing a broader offering of flexible providential concepts through attractive business start-up loans up to and including new financial products and services and leasing products for companies is just one of the challenges the financial world has to meet.