Central tasks in the German cooperative financial network

In terms of the number of people, co-operatives are the largest economic organisation in Germany with approximately 20 million members. Co-operative banks represent the largest group of co-operative companies with 16 million members, 170,000 employees and about 800 co-operative banks in total. The co-operative banks are not only DZ BANK's most important customers but also its shareholders.

Promotional Mandate Securely Anchored

According to its statutes, DZ BANK's traditional mandate is to promote the German co-operative system. It supports its partner banks in times of high credit demand or of excess liquidity, and provides them with the whole multitude of products and banking services, because it would be inefficient to let every local credit co-operative develop these individually. Moreover, it is the central clearing bank, liquidity manager and service provider for the local co-operative banking sector. As a group it also covers business involving investments, mortgage banks, savings and loans as well as leasing, factoring, insurance and financing for equity capital and projects. These services are provided by specialists in the subsidiaries in Germany and abroad.