Portrait of a modern co-operative bank
DZ BANK - a central bank and a commercial bank with a strong position in one-stop financial services. [more...]

History of DZ BANK - The Cooperative Idea
DZ BANK and the founders of the commercial cooperative system. [more...]

Board of Managing Directors
We would like to introduce you the board members of DZ BANK. [more...]

Investor Relations
Data and facts on DZ BANK for investors, analysts and business partners: figures, annual reports, press releases on business performance, ratings and reports from rating agencies, presentations to download. [more...]

DZ BANK and Sustainability
The cooperative principle is derived from the fundamental idea of acting responsibly. The values associated with this are embodied in Our Values, the mission statement that guides DZ BANK in its work.The cooperative principle has always been based on the notion that economic and social problems should be resolved collectively. Building on this longstanding tradition, DZ BANK – as the central institution of the cooperative banks – believes it has a duty of social responsibility. Sustainability and social responsibility are the cornerstones of our corporate culture.

DZ BANK and the German cooperative financial network
The largest economic organisation in Germany in terms of the number of people, 15 million members and 170,000 employees, the largest group of co-operative companies, central role of DZ BANK. [more...]