All you need to know about corporate responsibility and sustainability at DZ BANK

Making our economy sustainable

The rebalancing of our economy in accordance with sustainable principles is a social, environmental, and economic challenge. It also presents us with considerable opportunities as a financial services partner and provider of innovative solutions.

Detailed information on our initiatives, our beliefs and opinions, and our understanding of sustainability can be found on our dedicated website on this topic:

The DZ BANK sustainability program

The DZ BANK sustainability program provides a clear overview of our goals. We compare these goals against market conditions and the needs of our stakeholders on an ongoing basis, report on measures that have been taken or are planned to be implemented to achieve our goals, and set ourselves new goals.
 Our sustainability program is therefore one of the key tools of our sustainability management concept.

Sustainable lending

DZ BANK applies a uniform bank-wide credit assessment procedure for sustainable lending. This procedure is based on a comprehensive sustainability checklist, sector-specific principles, and rejection criteria.


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