DZ BANK Research develops a sustainability rating for investors

DZ BANK Research has developed its own sustainability-analysis system with which it will support institutional investors, asset managers and cooperative banks in their decisions regarding sustainable investments. What is special about DZ BANK's approach is the holistic view adopted in the company analysis: alongside the usual sustainability factors such as social aspects, ecology and corporate governance, the analysis also includes the economic perspective, making it possible to identify companies with sustainable and at the same time successful businesses. Those stocks that are identified as offering sustainable investments are marked in all of DZ BANK Research's publications with a sustainability seal of approval.

In the future, all of the 334 stocks in the equities universe analysed by DZ BANK Research will receive such a sustainability rating. Besides the DAX stocks, all stocks from the MDAX, SDAX and TecDAX will be analysed from the sustainability point of view, which means a broad coverage including small and medium-sized listed companies.

"The proportion of sustainable investments in the portfolios of institutional and private investors is increasing continuously. At the same time, sustainability is increasingly becoming a strategic competitive factor for companies. We are, therefore, supplementing our classic securities analysis in order to provide investors with all the information they need to select sustainable investments. This includes business performance," says Stefan Bielmeier, Head of DZ BANK Research.

The information for around 150 "non-financial" aspects from the areas ecology, social and corporate governance is taken from the sustainability analyses of the specialised provider Sustainalytics. The raw data are in turn processed by DZ BANK Research, and then weighted and linked to the economic sustainability dimension. As a result, the companies are assigned to one of the two categories "sustainable" or "unsustainable", taking account of sustainability and exclusion criteria within the specific sectors and across all sectors.

Another special feature of the system is that analyses and ratings are updated on a daily basis. "Sustainability is not a rigid construct. As time passes, companies develop dynamically with regard to sustainability, be it positively or negatively. They must therefore be analysed continuously," explains Marcus Pratsch, DZ BANK's sustainability analyst.

In future publications, customers of DZ BANK Research such as institutional investors, asset managers and cooperative banks will be able to see whether the analysed stock also has a sustainability rating. In addition, the new rating supports the local cooperative banks' private customer advisory service in identifying sustainable investments.



Silvia Conesa, Spokesperson of DZ BANK AG
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