DZ BANK and WGZ BANK to provide joint advisory services for the SME segment

As of September VR Unternehmerberatung goes to market out of Düsseldorf and Frankfurt

Offering for around 30,000 medium-sized enterprises

Düsseldorf, Frankfurt 17 August 2010. From 1 September 2010 onwards, the M&A departments of DZ BANK and WGZ Corporate Finance Beratung GmbH are to pool their activities in VR Unternehmerberatung. DZ BANK and WGZ BANK each holds 50% of the new company. Hans-Bernd Wolberg, Member of the Board of Managing Directors of WGZ BANK: "In this way the cooperative banking group’s SME customers gain access to a broad range of expert advisory services from a single source." Deals involving German companies worth on average between EUR 150bn and EUR 200bn are successfully implemented each year. Hans-Theo Macke, Member of the Board of Managing Directors of DZ BANK: "The cooperative banking group intends to take a larger slice of this market. With this step we are merging two successful units and will further extend our market reach. "

Focus on the SME segment

Advisory services related to business succession issues represent a major area of business for joint activities. Each year, around 3% of Germany’s 30,000 small and medium-sized companies with sales of more than EUR 5 million need to make entrepreneurial succession arrangements. Dirk Jungen,Managing Director of VR Unternehmerberatung: "The cooperative banking group has supported its customers for generations and will be increasingly sought after for advice in the succession deals that are to be expected in the future. In this new configuration we shall be even better able to satisfy this need for expert advisory services." In addition, VR Unternehmerberatung will provide group companies with advisory support for disposals and acquisitions of SME units. The nation-wide network of contacts provided by the local cooperative banks allows broad access to the German SME segment. At the same time, VR Unternehmerberatung has suitable cooperation partners for transactions with international players.

Going to market from out of Düsseldorf and Frankfurt from September 2010 onwards

The team that has been recruited from the two predecessor units will kick off with around 20 expert advisors. Besides the necessary transaction expertise and an understanding of the needs of the SME segment, the advisors also have in-depth sector-specific knowledge, especially in the health system, the renewables segment, in the food and beverages industry and agriculture. Markus Loy, Managing Director of VR Unternehmerberatung: "We are seeking to increase the number of professional advisors significantly by 2012."



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