Thomas Duhnkrack to leave DZ BANK AG’s Board of Managing Directors

Thomas Duhnkrack was responsible at DZ BANK for SMEs, major customers and structured finance as well as for the bank’s foreign branches. He also coordinated the DZ BANK Group’s international activities. The corporate customer business developed excellently in Germany and abroad during this period, and DZ BANK was able to increase its customer relationships significantly. In addition, the cooperative sector’s specialised service providers VR Leasing, Deutsche Genossenschafts-Hypothekenbank, DVB Bank and DZ Equity Partner, of which he was Supervisory Board Chairman, were able to report gratifying increases in market shares in their financial services divisions.

The members of the Board of Managing Directors of DZ BANK would like to thank Thomas Duhnkrack for his successful work on the board and wish him all the best for his professional future. His responsibilities at
DZ BANK are to be taken over by the board members Hans-Theo Macke (SMEs and major customers) and Wolfgang Köhler (structured finance und foreign branches).



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