DZ BANK successfully completes capital increase

DZ BANK AG has successfully placed its EUR 400m capital increase within the Cooperative Financial Services Network. The new shares were offered at an issue price of EUR 7.90 and at a 1-for-23 subscription ratio. They bear dividends for fiscal year 2009.

“DZ BANK’s successful capital increase provides compelling evidence for the cooperation and solidarity within the Cooperative Financial Services Network. With it we send an important signal and strengthen our efforts to improve our competitive position under our own steam within the cooperative organisation,” said Wolfgang Kirsch, CEO of DZ BANK AG. “We thank all shareholders who have supported us with their enthusiastic share subscriptions. I should like to draw special attention to the commitment shown by members of the Boards of Managing Directors and of the Supervisory Boards of the bank’s investment holdings, of the BVR and the regional associations as well as the Local Bank Advisory Councils,“ continued Kirsch. He went on to say that the outstanding placement shows that the cooperative banks support their central institute in its systematic orientation to their requirements.

The preparations for the joint market initiatives with the local cooperative banks in the SME business, in Transaction Banking and in Private Banking are progressing according to plan. “The capital increase gives us additional scope to make even better use – jointly with the local cooperative banks – of opportunities in the private and corporate banking business and thus to strengthen and extend the Cooperative Financial Services Network’s market position,” said Kirsch.

The recent share capital increase was the final component of a three-stage plan to strengthen DZ BANK’s capital base. As early as the first half of 2009 EUR 500m of Tier 1 capital has been placed within the Cooperative Financial Services Network. BVR has also provided an equity-relief guarantee.



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