The DZ BANK Group forms part of the German cooperative financial network, which comprises around 800 local cooperative banks and is one of Germany‘s largest private-sector financial services organizations measured in terms of total assets. Within the cooperative financial network, DZ BANK AG functions as a central institution. Its task is to support the work of the local cooperative banks and to boost their competitiveness. It is also active as a corporate bank and is the holding company for the DZ BANK Group.

The DZ BANK Group includes Bausparkasse Schwäbisch Hall, DZ HYP, DZ PRIVATBANK, R+V Versicherung, TeamBank, Union Investment Group, VR Smart Finanz and various other specialized institutions. With their strong brands, the companies of the DZ BANK Group constitute key pillars in the range of financial products and services offered by the cooperative financial network. The DZ BANK Group sets on its strategy and range of services for the cooperative banks and their customers through its four strategic business lines – Retail Banking, Corporate Banking, Capital Markets, and Transaction Banking.

This combination of banking, insurance, home savings, and personal investment products and services has a long and successful tradition in the cooperative financial network. The specialized institutions in the DZ BANK Group provide highly competitive products at reasonable prices within their specific areas of expertise. This ensures that the cooperative banks in Germany are able to offer their clients a comprehensive range of outstanding
financial services.

Some of the DZ BANK's Group brands