Job and family – achieving balance together

What we do for your work-life balance

Reconciling job, family and a health way of life often resembles a balancing act. DZ BANK has created appropriate conditions for this to succeed. Our family-friendly human resources policy helps you to combine job, free time and health.

Flexible working hours

Besides flexible working hours, depending on your stage of life you can also make use of various part-time models and teleworking within a specified framework. This flexibility is reflected in eight guiding principles that regulate the use of flexible working hours in a sense of give and take. In this way, you can create a good balance between job and private life!

Your health? We attach great importance to it!

The health of our employees requires special attention given the growing professional and private pressures on them. Our holistic health management system is aimed at promoting and preserving the well-being and performance of our entire work force over the long-term. The facilities open to our employees include:

From badminton to volleyball

Within the framework of our health management system we offer you a broad range of attractive company sport programmes. We also offer preventive health courses such as back exercise classes, meditation, yoga or autogenic training, innovative sport courses as well as special health campaigns within the framework of a one-year programme.

Support in times of mental stress

Our preventive health courses for stress management are intended to help deal with mental stress. In difficult professional and private situations, we also offer the professional support of an independent social counsellor who – outside her normal working hours – gives talks at our nationwide locations on special topics ranging from mental efficiency to problems of addiction.

So that your children are always well looked after

KiDZ crèche, Kindergarten places and allowances

To achieve the best possible balance between work and family life DZ BANK has built a childcare facility. This is the core component of a new building on the bank's premises. Up to 45 children are looked after here in three mixed-age groups, ranging from 3 months to school entrance. The fact that one quarter of these places are also open to local children demonstrates our sense of practical responsibility to the city of Frankfurt and its citizens. Kindergarten places are also made available in the regions – depending on demand –and are subsidised by the bank.

Parents can also apply for a monthly childcare allowance. A partner care provider offers 10 free back-up days per child and year to ensure emergency childcare.

External service providers

Another useful employer service: we use external partner providers to arrange childcare, for example, au-pairs and babysitters. As an employee of DZ BANK you can make use of a free advisory and arrangement service.

Parent-child office

Some situations are impossible to predict: in the event of gaps in childcare arising at short notice your children are very welcome in the office and you can make use of the parent-child office at your location.

Care for children during the school holidays

To ensure that the school holidays don’t become a challenge for children and parents, we offer an extensive third-party care service for children during the school holidays.

You won’t be left alone to care for a relative: advice, training and care network

We also support employees with relatives in need of care: in cooperation with other companies we offer advisory and support services as well as the opportunity to participate in skills training courses. We also provide annual in-house talks on issues such as enduring power of attorney, living will and guardianship law. In the regions, these talks are arranged by the firm pme Familienservice.

If a relative needs care you can take unpaid leave from work in compliance with the German Home Care Leave Act (Pflegezeitgesetz) for up to six months or reduce your hours for a maximum of two years within the framework of the German Family Care Leave Act (Familienpflegezeitgesetz). In unforeseen cases when nursing care is needed for a relative at short notice, you can apply without red tape for up to ten days of unpaid leave from work to organise appropriate care.